Garden Office, Garden Studio

Garden office, home office, garden studio

Hobby or art studios

Many shapes to fit a space

Log cabin, round log cabin, sectional

Options for doors and windows

One or more rooms

Painted or stained

Working environment


Garden Home Office

The buildings you see above are used as a home office, a professional working environment. The space must be suitable for your business to enable you to work effectively, provide suitable storage, and maybe accept visitors. Heating, lighting and protection form damp may be important considerations.

Comfortable Timber Buildings

The garden office building needs to be more than just a garden building, it needs interior services, insulation, fixtures and fittings and security.

These outdoor garden offices are made to a much higher specification and build quality to ensure you can work securely and comfortably all year round. Any size option and different designs means that even the smallest of garden spaces can be utilised to provide the garden office or garden studio for your home office working or relaxation needs.

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