Log Cabins

Log lap, log, or round log

Doors and window options

High quality timber buildings

Tailor made for you

Aesthetically pleasing

Contemporary or traditional

Granny annex, pool / sauna room

Log Cabin
Log Cabin
Timber Building
Log cabin
Log Cabin
Timber Building

The Log Cabin

A log cabin conjures up many an image in people’s minds and we believe we have the best quality timber buildings available on the market today that will exceed your expectations.

An almost endless number of designs of custom log cabins are available, so with imagination, you can create your own unique ‘living space’ outdoors. Veranda’s, side extensions and canopies can all be added to make your timber cabin unique to you.

Design and Build

Great design and flexibility of options will ensure you will get the right building at the right price. We offer a full design and build service for all our buildings, if required.

For a ‘no obligations’ visit or a friendly chat please call us and we will do all we can to provide you with the log cabin you have always dreamed of.

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