Timber Pavilions

Luxury timber pavilions

Compact designs for the domestic garden

Larger designs ideal for sports pavilions: Tennis, Cricket, Bowls

Storage and meeting rooms

Varying sizes of veranda

Can be fitted with services



Domestic Timber Pavilions

Our pavilions are timber buildings carefully designed to be practical and meet the ever changing demands of a growing family. Sizes start from a compact 3.6m x 3.6m pavilion suitable for a small town garden. Sizes can be increased to accommodate your needs in your private garden setting.

Commercial – Sports Pavilions

For commercial requirements the timber sports pavilion can be made even larger and to a higher specification, ideal for example as a cricket, tennis or bowls club pavilion to meet the needs of the local community.

If you are  a member of a local cricket club, tennis club, bowling club or other sports club, please consider how one of our pavilions can add enjoyment to your activity providing storage and shelter. The large covered decking area can be designed to accommodate the numbers you have at your events. 

For further information and to discuss your timber pavilion project please call us, or use our contact page.