Planning Guidelines and Legal

Garden Building Planning and DesignBe on the right side of the law!

You have a fantastic new building in place, it’s the envy of your neighbours. But then you are told to take it down due to planning and regulation violations. Don’t be caught out, please call us for assistance to avoid getting into such a mess.

Planning Permission for Garden Buildings

Planning permission is not required for the majority of garden buildings provided several key factors are taken into consideration. Our buildings can be tailor-made to ensure where possible any planning issues are dealt with correctly.

Planning Guidelines

We are in contact with all the local authorities and so we have a very good understanding of the general planning guidelines for your building which cover such areas as size, boundary issues and general planning rules.

Your local planning department has their own ‘portal’ for you to access for further guidance and so avoid legal issues and the potential for planning permission where possible.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience means we can openly discuss any potential concerns you may have. So please give us a call and we can help you decide what is best suited to your requirements and also keep the planners happy at the same time.

You can also visit the government planning portal here: for further guidance.

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