Log Cabin and Above Ground Pool Project, Rye

Cabin Requirement

The customer in Rye came to us for a log cabin and an outdoor above ground timber pool. We did the initial site survey and as you can see the pool will effectively be in the ground at the cabin end. I have supplied the timber pool through a company called Villagio who will also be helping build it.

The Log Cabin and Pool Build

The first picture shows the log cabin with the white tape marking out where the pool will be sited.

I have coordinated the groundworks and the electrical supplies necessary for the pool and the cabin.

The steels have been put in place using lasers to ensure they are set in concrete exactly to ensure the timber pool log walls are supported along the longer sides. The pool is 8m x 4m and will have timber decking from the cabin to the pool and about a third of the way down from the cabin end. We are also doing the timber decking work.


Above Ground Pool


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