Garden Building for Business Heathfield

Garden Building Design

This prospective customer came to us looking for a garden building specifically designed that would enable them to set up their brand new floristry business.

The building had to be bespoke for several reasons including size to location, a stable door, energy efficient and insulated to enable all year round use. They liked the look of the ‘Gardener’ building from our extensive range of buildings, which we modified to their exact requirements.

All Year Round and Energy Efficient

Making the garden building usable as a business building all year round was paramount to them, and so for this project we used the latest heat retentive and energy efficient insulation materials on the market. Keeping the temperature stable is so important for storing and preparing flower and plant displays.

The Project

They undertook the base-work themselves, working closely with us to ensure that the garden building base fitted exactly to the base that they had supplied.

We then supplied and erected the building for them.

The building was very quickly filled with a mass of flowers and foliage to enable the customer to launch their very own floristry business.

The pictures below show the finished building, and stages of the building project.


Finished business building

Base installation

Energy Efficient panels

Timber Garden Building

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