Haines Log Cabin

Customer Requirement

This customer needed to maximise the usable space in her small garden, and provide a place for her home based business. For a home business the building must be comfortable, dry, quiet and warm with good light. A solid log cabin was suggested.

Log Cabin Design and Build

This log cabin was built to her design to be used for her pottery business.

It is crucial that buildings are very carefully designed that are to be used for a home business, hobbies, crafts as opposed to leisure. Care here will ensure that the internal space works with the business process, tables, chairs and other equipment will fit where is can be used.

Built in 70mm log for added insulation, along with double glazed windows and door this log cabin is the perfect environment for her to carry on her business even through the coldest months. It includes a large glass area to let in natural light.


Haines cabin 2

Haines cabin 3

Haines cabin 4

Haines cabin 1


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