Summerhouse and Shed Combination Building

Summerhouse Design

The initial enquiry started after a visit to our show site and discussions about the style and type of garden building Mr & Mrs Milne required.

They had already been to a local competitor but didn’t seem to have the building they specifically required. After lengthy discussions it was clear that they needed either 2 buildings or one that could be multi functional. They had just purchased a brand new chalet bungalow and so the building aesthetically needed to look more than just a common shed and to be in keeping with the surroundings.

The Garden Building Project

They decided upon a summerhouse and shed combination building but using a round log profile for the cladding to give the building some characteristics. So a bespoke building was designed in the round log section and the storage area built on the back of the summerhouse.

They had a specific sized decking area to work with and so it was tailored to fit this requirement. As you can see by effectively hiding the shed the customer has ended up with a clean, crisp finished building to their design but with the functionality and practicality of a summerhouse and shed combination as was intended at an affordable price.



Summerhouse and Shed Combination

Completed garden building

Garden Building being built

Summerhouse Shed almost installed

Walls being erected

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