Timber Cabin Art Studio

Art Studio Requirement

A female customer wanted to create a light airy but practical room for her art work along with a canopied seating area to sit outside and gain inspiration from. The combination of a canopy and log cabin room was not a problem for our supplier to provide.

Timber Cabin with Canopy Installation

The overall sizes were critical to keep within planning constraints on this site. The cabin incorporated a flat roof to keep the height of the roof to 2.5m. The artist cabin is 4.0 m x 3.5m deep with the canopy adding a further 3.0 m

Beautiful Garden Buildings handled the whole operation and build which included a solid timber frame and decking area. The customer also requested an insulated roof for added warmth, enabling her to use the cabin all year round.

The whole project took just 5 days from start to finish and the customer is extremely satisfied with the end result. 


Inside the timber cabin

Timber Cabin Art Studio

Decking and Canopy