Shepherd Hut

Tailor Made Hut

4 sizes to choose from

Cast iron wheels

Fully insulated

Double glazed

Oak floor



Shepherd Hut
Interior - kitchen and stove
Cart Exterior Oak Beams
Shepherd hut 4-500
Shepherd hut inside-500
Shepherd hut 7-500

Each Shepherd Hut is built by dedicated and passionate craftsmen from Sussex. Each Shepherd Hut can be tailor made to suit your exact requirements. 

As standard each traditional shepherd hut includes

  • Outside: oak chassis, cast iron turntable wheels and a draw bar for ease of transport.
  • Inside: standard features include an oak floor, fully insulated, with double glazing and electrics.

The sky is the limit when it comes to adding extras, from wood burning stoves, a kitchen, bed, or full en-suite facilities, you decide. With 4 sizes to choose from we are sure there is a Shepherd Hut that will fulfill your requirement.

To buy a Shepherd Hut, please call, email or use our contact page.

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History of the Shepherd Hut

The Shepherd hut has been used for hundreds of years by shepherds, enabling them to stay near their flocks of sheep during the lambing and sheep rearing seasons.

The huts were simple structures made from materials available at the time: iron, wood, corrugated iron. They are on wheels, so able to be moved around.  Inside, the huts provided simple accommodation with sleeping, cooking and heating with windows and large doors to allow the shepherd to monitor their flocks. 

The use of the huts reduced in the 20th Century, but were still used in remote and northern areas of the UK. Mechanised farm machinery and the ability to move around reduced the need for the huts.

A very clever and practical solution!

Shepherd Hut